Agency Management
in the Cloud.

Features that manage your recovery network.

Violation Engine

Build rules around changing regulatory guidelines. No more self-reliance on vendors to report exceptions. Continuously scan inventory for potential SLA or compliance violations.

Business Intelligence

In addition to industry standard reporting, OutSourcer offers enhanced insights into servicing networks. Understand vendor contact strategies, work standard adherence, legal processes and much more.  

Recovery Automation

Manage placements, recalls and everything in-between with user configurable automation. Build workflows for specialty accounts such as bankruptcy, deceased, military or any other update to an account.

Vendor Integrations

Integrate easily with common dialer, messaging, letter and other specialty vendors. With OutSourcer's modern API's, vendors have the opportunity to exchange data in real-time.


OutSourcer was developed for todays remote workforce. Access to the internet is the only requirement to manage recovery efforts. OutSourcer's cloud services provide enterprise level scalability and security from anywhere.

Account Continuity

With OutSourcer, all collection efforts are carried for the life of an account. There is no data loss when moving accounts from one vendor to another. OutSourcer provides a complete historical record on each account in your inventory.

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